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winter in japan

Winter in Japan

I’d like to share these winter in Japan shots from various locations during our visit. We’ll be back in Tassie tomorrow, and it’s been a wonderful visit to Japan. Maybe I need to put the thinking cap on and come up with a Japanese photography tour – shoot me a message if this is something...Read More
japanese snow monkey park nagano

Japanese Snow Monkey Park in Nagano

Our summer holiday continues with a trip to the Japanese snow monkey park at Jigokudani (literally translates to the Valley of Hell!!) in Nagano Prefecture.       Something, somewhere must have gone very wrong as hell really seemed to have frozen over on our arrival in Nagano. The forecast was for daytime temperatures of...Read More
akiu otaki waterfall japan winter

Waterfalls of Japan – Akiu Otaki

We are having a great summer holiday in wintery Japan and one of the first photo stops we enjoyed was a day trip to the beautiful Akiu Otaki (falls) in Miyagi Prefecture, Northern Japan. The falls are easily accessed by car from the nearby onsen (hot spring) town of Akiu. A short walk from the...Read More