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Talking Landscape Photography

Talking Landscape Photography

I don’t often find myself in front of a camera, but last night I joined Luke Tscharke and Paul Hoelen on their online photography chat show – Talking Landscape Photography.

Talking Landscape Photography

Talking Landscape Photography. Guest appearance by Yours Truly.

It was a very enjoyable chat, talking about myself (luckily a topic I know quite a bit about!) and my journey from point and shoot happy snapping as a teenager in Melbourne through to making a living here in Tasmania through my Salamanca Market stall, galleries in Hobart (2009~2013) and Richmond (2021~) as well as workshops/tours.

It is on Youtube so if you missed it last night feel free to watch it whenever you get the chance. The chat also features a slideshow of my images from Mt Field and the great forests of the Styx and Florentine valleys where I tend to spend a lot of time 🙂

Hygrocybe cheelii, pink fungi in the Styx Valley Tasmania
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