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Tasman Peninsula Blowhole

The Tasman Peninsula Blowhole is a nice little attraction at the entrance to the Tasman Peninsula just after you cross Eaglehawk Neck. As well as the blowhole itself, there is a short walk to a lookout, and further on to the Devils Kitchen and Tasman Arch. The whole area contains some pretty interesting geology and along with that comes some pretty neat seascape opportunities!

tasman peninsula blowhole

Dusk shoot near the Tasman Peninsula blowhole

These shots were taken at dusk. The area basically faces east, so I wasn’t there for the colour of the sunset, more for the long exposures that the low light of dusk brings. I will definitely get back here one day for a sunrise, too…

Tasman Peninsula seascapes near the blowhole

Tasman Peninsula seascapes near the blowhole

I arrived around sunset time and started shooting, with a 5 stop ND in place for the long exposure. If you’re new to photography, ND’s are great fun as they reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor and therefore allow a longer exposure than you would otherwise get.

Seascape near the Tasman Peninsula Blowhole

Seascape near the Tasman Peninsula Blowhole


Long exposure seascape photography

Last shot of the evening. By now I was getting 60 second exposures even without the filter!

Long exposure and the Pentax K1

These shots were captured with the Pentax K1, 15-30mm and Nisi filter system. The filter system really is quite large (as is the 15-30mm!) but it allows for very nice imagery. In low light situations like this I was  getting 30 second exposures from fairly on and into bulb by the end of the shoot.

Pentax K1, with the 15-30mm f2.8 and the Nisi filter system

Pentax K1, with the 15-30mm f2.8 and the Nisi filter system

One aspect of the K1 I really enjoy is the bulb mode allows you to dial in your shutter speed so you dont have to mess around with cables, timers etc. Just dial in your shutter speed (in 10 second intervals up to 5 mins, then 1 minute intervals up to 20 minutes) hit go and you are done 🙂

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