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Sunset Mortimer Bay

Last night’s sunset from Mortimer Bay. Long exposures captured with a 5 stop ND and the “Interval Composite” feature of the Pentax K1.

sunset mortimer bay

Sunset Mortimer Bay – using a 5 stop ND grad resulted in this 10 second exposure


Pentax K1 Interval Composite Long Exposure

Combining a 5 stop ND with the Interval Composite mode of the Pentax K1 resulted in this 70 second equivalent exposure.


Sunset Mortimer Bay

The dusk draws on and the orange becomes more noticeable, in fact there was quite a strong orange glow reflecting off the water which made for a very nice winter evening 🙂


Behind the scenes of the shot above. Notice the orange glow on the water!


Sunset Mortimer Bay

…and then the pinky reds came. This was 5 x 15 second exposures blended in Interval Composite ie 75 seconds of exposure


Long exposure sunset photography

This one is 3 x 20 second exposures, ie 1 minute of exposure time.

The last image above also included an interesting lesson from the field. This evening I switched the “Save Process” to ON (normally I have it off). What this means is that each progressive image is saved. For the scene above I shot more than 3 exposures, but I noticed as the camera was working the tide came in and sunk one of my tripod legs during the shooting process (which was a few minutes after all!). The first 3 shots were fine but the shots after were not. Having the Save Process switched ON saved this particular shot – if I had it OFF like usual, I would have only had the end result – which in this case would have been unusable.

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