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Tasmanian Waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls, Mt Field

Russell Falls seems to get all the attention as one of the most famous Tasmanian waterfalls, but Horseshoe Falls a little further along the path is something of a quiet achiever and is often overlooked. This is a pity as it really is worth a visit and some would argue even more picturesque than Russell Falls. Horseshoe Falls is set in a beautifully dark green patch of forest, with mossy rocks strewn everywhere. Even when water levels are low, as they are at the moment, and Russell isn’t putting on a great display, Horseshoe still puts on a very nice show as the water cascades and tumbles through the rocky shelves of the fall on its way downstream to Russell.

Tasmanian waterfalls - Horseshoe Falls

Tasmanian Waterfalls – Horseshoe Falls at Mt Field

Tasmanian waterfalls - Horseshoe Falls

Cascades – Horseshoe Falls

Photographing Tasmanian waterfalls is one of the simple pleasures in life. The scenery is always stunning, and the sounds of the rainforest merge with the cascading fall of the water. It is a fantastic escape in summer from the hot sun and the luscious greens of the moss in the wet winter months is a joy in itself. Make sure you take a very sturdy tripod and don’t be afraid to get your feet wet. Some of the best and most memorable photos of waterfalls come about when you put that extra little bit of imagination into your composition – make sure you try to do something different!

Tasmanian waterfalls - Horseshoe Falls

Another angle on things

I run regular photography tours to the waterfalls at Mt Field. Click on the following link for all the information on my Tasmanian photography tours and workshops. All my tours run for a minimum of two participants at any time of the year. Contact me to book yourself in!


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