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Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, March 11 2011

Our attention is fully focussed on events in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami which have devastated an area which is very close and special to us.

Each year we travel to Fukushima to stay with Midori’s family in a town which is luckily deep inland, and a long way away from the reach of the tsunami. We visit friends in Sendai, and have always enjoyed a fantastic warmth and welcome from people everywhere there. To think that so much of the country is now devastated, and thousands of lives will be lost is a deep shock.

We are dedicating the image below to all those affected by the immense scale of this disaster, as a small token of our solidarity and of our wish for Fukushima, Tohoku and indeed Japan as a whole to recover and rebuild quickly. Tohoku is a beautiful area of Japan and we offer this image as a reminder of the beauty of the region in the midst of so many images of devastation that are currently coming from the area.

River Gorge near Endougataki (Endou Falls), Fukushima

River Gorge near Endougataki (Endou Falls), Fukushima

Luke and Midori

BTW – Here are some links to more of my images from last summer in Fukushima. Some images from Hokkaido, Japan are here: Daisetsuzan National Park and Shiretoko National Park

A good English language NHK news stream is here.

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