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From the Vault – Crescent Bay

There was a time, before DSLR’s, when a Photo Shop was a brick and mortar business located on the main streets of towns just like yours. When chemical processing and dark rooms turned film negatives into our cherished images, and no previews on bright LCD screens illuminated our photo taking. Most of photographic history was spent in such a time, and debates about current technologic advances and the pros and cons of such are best left to other forums, but a couple of years ago, when I was sans-DSLR for a time I had need to load some film into my 1st ever SLR, the trusty ol’ Pentax MZ-50, and shoot without the safety nets of an LCD screen for previewing, and the vastly increased storage space of 8&16 GB memory cards. Instead I loaded a roll of Fuji Reala Ace (24 shots – remember those days!!), left over from some forgotten age, and had a night on Crescent Bay.  Here are some of the results, “From the Vault…”

Crescent Bay, Tasman Peninsula

Sunrise from Crescent Bay, with Tasman Island on the horizon.

Crescent Bay, view from Brown Mountain

Crescent Bay, view from Brown Mountain

Sand Dunes on Crescent Bay

Sand Dunes on Crescent Bay

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