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Bluestone Bay

I had a night at Bluestone Bay recently that turned out remarkable in that the sunset and the sunrise basically produced the exact same photos! Don’t believe me? Have a look 🙂

Dawn Bluestone Bay Freycinet Tasmania

Exhibit A – and my personal favourite of the visit – Bluestone Bay at dawn


Dusk Bluestone Bay Freycinet Tasmania

Exhibit B – Dusk, Bluestone Bay. Not much difference with the morning shot is there!

It was an extremely calm and clear night meaning the beautiful blue “Belt of Venus” was quite pronounced as the moon rose.

Dusk Bluestone Bay Freycinet Tasmania

Moonrise at Bluestone Bay

While the calm conditions were great for camping, there was a lot less wave action that I might have liked. I spent time at dusk and dawn lining up basically the same shot, and got the odd errant wave as it crashed in over the distinctively round boulders of this particular bay.

Dusk Bluestone Bay Freycinet Tasmania

Dusk at Bluestone Bay. Very calm conditions meant very little swell and waves – unfortunately…


Dawn Bluestone Bay Freycinet Tasmania

Dawn from the same spot. Very nice blue hour light 🙂


Dawn Bluestone Bay Freycinet Tasmania

Sunrise light hitting the other side of the cove

There is a great camping area here too, and the road while it is 4WD is not bad at all, so it is well worth a visit. You could even walk in if you don’t have a 4WD, it is only a few kms. I’ll certainly be back. While I am happy with these shots, I also get the feeling there’s a little unfinished business for me here…

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