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Climate Change – Please Take Action

I would like to ask you – whether you are a regular or a first time visitor to my site to please support the motion being proposed by Zali Steggall MP to force the Australian parliament to establish a Climate Change Act and start treating the climate issue as the serious emergency that it is.

Click here and add your name to send a message to your local representative that this is an issue that matters to you.

This issue matters to me because there is so much at stake right now.

I am a landscape photographer and am self-employed in tourism. I love the Aussie bush including alpine and rainforest areas of Tasmania which are very much at threat, as although Tasmania seems to have escaped major disaster this summer, we lost vast areas of alpine vegetation, rainforest and tall eucalypt forest last summer and there is absolutely no reason to think that worse is not to come. The tourism industry has everything to lose from inaction on climate change, so when people say acting on climate change may come with a cost they are simply ignoring the far greater costs of doing nothing.

In the last 24 hours news has emerged that the Great Barrier Reef may be on the verge of its 3rd mass bleaching event in the past 5 years. Over 10 million hectares of bush and 1 billion animals have been destroyed this summer as Australia endured unprecedented – but not unpredicted – bushfire weather including multiple days in the mid to high 40’s. This is not normal, this is catastrophe. And it is only the beginning.

It is important to have hope though.

Tony Abbott, perhaps the individual who has personally done more than anyone else to stop any meaningful action on climate change is gone and has been replaced with someone advocating clearly that Australia has to change. The public has to fire up too and start communicating to their MP’s that environmental destruction through climate inaction has to end.

The business community (RBA, BCA), doctors, scientists, fire-fighters – even a small but apparently growing number of LNP politicians see clearly this is urgent, why wont the Parliament and the PM?

Please add your name. It will take 20 seconds.

Thank you.


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