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The Confluence Queenstown

The Confluence Queenstown is a short walk to the point where the polluted orange waters of the Queen River meet the dark waters of the King.

The confluence Queenstown

Huon Pine at the confluence of the Queen and King Rivers near Queenstown

The track is approx 15 mins through rainforest – mostly myrtle, but also leatherwood and when you get to the waters edge you’ll also find the rare Huon Pine.

The confluence queenstown tasmania

The orange “pumpkin soup” waters of the Queen River

The orange colour of the Queen River is a toxic legacy of mining in Queenstown. The river is in fact biologically dead but hope remains that the environment will repair itself – even if it may take 150 years.

Huon Pine at the Confluence Queenstown

Picnic area beside the rivers among some beautiful Tasmanian rainforest – including the rare Huon Pine

For the present however it is a very nice short walk, complete with a cosy picnic area by the water.

Huon Pine at the picnic area

Huon Pine at the picnic area

I also took the drone for a quick spin, and shot a few aerials. The shots below are of the surrounding area.

Aerial shot of the Queen River winding through the rainforest.

King River Tasmania

King River, aerial.

John Butters hydroelectric power station.

Aerial shot of the surrounding area – this is the John Butters power station

Queenstown is approx 4 hours from Hobart and a great place to explore in its own right or combined with a visit to Strahan. You can do the Wilderness Railway between Queenstown and Strahan, and also the World Heritage cruise in Strahan too.

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