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Cradle Mountain Dove Lake – From the Vault

This is a selection of photos of the place I clearly visit the most, Cradle Mountain. Usually on one of my photography workshops but of course in my own time too – there is so much to see and do at Cradle Mountain. Short walks such as the Enchanted Walk and Weindorfers Forest are a great places to start and extended walks to Lake Rodway or Suttons Tarn are spectacular for the more hardy photographers out there.

cradle mountain boatshed dove lake

A flash of light on the clouds as they rush past Cradle Mountain. Captured at sunset a couple of years ago.

The jagged dolerite of Cradle Mountain

The jagged dolerite of Cradle Mountain – 200mm close up on the rugged peak in the evening light

The jagged dolerite of Cradle Mountain

Sunset pinks and those same crags, looking a bit pop-art

Rainbow at Cradle Mountain

Don’t forget to look ober your shoulder – just because you want the killer light in one particular spot (eg Cradle Mountain!) doesn’t mean that other parts of the sky or landscape aren’t going to be special too… Just happened to turn around at the right moment to capture this 🙂

Sunset over the iconic boat shed on Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain

A pink sunset sky over the iconic boat shed on Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain

Black and White Cradle Mountain Dove Lake

10 stop ND and black and white post processing, ooh yeah 🙂

Cradle Mountain Dove Lake long exposure at dawn

My favourite – another 10 stop long exposure, this time at dawn. Love the gold and silver contrasts here 🙂

This is a selection of shots all taken over a few days a couple of years ago. I don’t think I have shared them before so thought it would be a good opportunity! The light was quite stunning on this 3 day trip, and the view over a still Dove Lake is something I am yet to tire of – far from it, it is always a joy to visit – and to introduce people – to this very special part of Tasmania.

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