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Exploring Tasmania’s Tarkine: Corinna & the Pieman River

There is no doubt that Tasmania’s Tarkine region is one of, if not the best, places to photograph in Tasmania. It is a unique wilderness of rugged coastlines; deep, dark rainforest and beautiful mountain vistas. The small town of Corinna on the banks of the Pieman River is a perfect base for exploring the Tarkine, and you can either splash out on some very nice cabins or camp under the canopy beside the mighty Pieman.

Tasmania's Tarkine: A mist-shrouded Meredith Range

Tasmania’s Tarkine: A mist-shrouded Meredith Range

The highlight of Corinna has to be the secluded waterfall “Lover’s Falls”. It is not a fall that is easilly accessed by large tour groups so you can have some time to yourself in the deep green rainforest. We kayaked to these falls and had the place to ourselves for an hour or two before another small group appeared. Taking photos of these falls was not without it’s challenges, namely avoiding the spray off the waterfall. The ferns surrounding the waterfall, however, made for beautiful framing and composition opportunities. The ferns were a brilliant green, and the red tannin stained water was quite an eyecatching contrast.

Lovers Falls near Corinna in Tasmania's Tarkine

Lovers Falls near Corinna in Tasmania’s Tarkine

The weather was surprisingly still while we visited the falls considering the wind, rain and hail that hit at other times during our few days in the region. We even experienced snow in the rainforest near Waratah on the way to Philosophers Falls, which is another must-see Tarkine rainforest walk, especially in wet weather.

The lush green rainforest of Tasmania's Tarkine

The lush green rainforest of Tasmania’s Tarkine: Set of 3 Photos

The evening rewarded too with a full moon lighting up the misty Pieman River. Below is a 2 minute long exposure photograph of the Pieman at night.

Pieman River at Corinna, Night Scene

Pieman River at Corinna, Night Scene

Access to Corinna is quite straightforward, and the only unsealed section of road is the final 25 kms once you pass the mining town of Savage River. Don’t underestimate the driving times however, the road is quite narrow and windy, so you will need to allow the best part of 90 minutes to drive the 70km from Waratah to Corinna. There is accommodation & activity information on the Corinna Wilderness Experience website.

Purchasing my Photos of Tasmania’s Tarkine

All my images of the Tarkine can be viewed and purchased via my online Tasmanian landscape photography gallery.

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