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Images of Tasmania: Mist & Sunrise, Hamilton

The town of Hamilton is found amongst the dry and barren looking hills of Tasmania’s southern midlands. The midlands are characterised by wide open spaces, farmland and historic old towns amid the dry eucalypt woodlands.

Images of Tasmania: Sunrise, Hamilton

Images of Tasmania: Sunrise, Hamilton

Most of the landscapes I shoot in Tasmania are inside national parks and other natural areas rather than in towns or built up areas, and this image was in fact taken early one morning on my way to a shoot in the Tarkine region in Tasmania’s north west. Just an hour or so out of Hobart the hills were covered in wispy mist as the sunrise coloured the sky in beautiful morning hues of peachy pink, orange and yellow. The shot was taken literally beside the road as there wasn’t really time for scouting round for interesting foregrounds or features. And as is usually the case with landscape photography, when the time and moment is right you need to be shooting, not frantically looking for a spot! This means for sunrises and sunsets you basically have to take the risk and get into location well in advance of the “golden hour” and to a certain extent take what you get. It isn’t always possible to predict great sunrises and sunsets but if you see a good mix of cloud cover and clear skies chances are you will be rewarded. And even if conditions aren’t great – normally you can still come up with something interesting by experimenting with filters and long exposures in the dim twilight light.

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