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Liffey Falls open – for now

The Liffey Falls track is again open to visitors! During June 2016, over 400mm of rain fell on the Great Western Tiers and Central Plateau causing major floods throughout northern Tasmania. Major towns like Deloraine, Devonport and Launceston all felt the force of these floods, and there was of course major damage to infrastructure and natural areas. Liffey Falls was not spared, and the road in and walking track suffered major damage.

Liffey Falls Track Open April 2017

Liffey Falls is again accessible! As of early April the road in and track is open to visitors – although it may be short-lived.

The track in was only reopened in February 2017, 8 months after the floods. I visited the area at the end of March and was interested to see how much had changed. There were a few trees missing along the walking track, and the myrtle right in front of the viewing deck at the base of falls was gone.

Liffey Falls before the flood

Liffey Falls before the floods of June 2016

Liffey Falls reopen April 2017

Liffey Falls in April 2017, after the floods of June 2016 which closed the track for 8 months

All the rocks and boulders that had accumulated at the base of the falls had been washed away, as had the nice little area just of the track were we used to have lunch. Further back from the falls there is still access to the river bed, but the view of the falls isn’t as good from back there.

Liffey Falls open

Liffey Falls open as of todays date but check with PWS if you are planning a visit in the next few weeks.

The sspout above Liffey Falls

Glad to see the spout survived the carnage!

Track Closing again?

According to PWS (Parks and Wildlife Service) Liffey Falls is scheduled to close again sometime soon for more repairs. They did a great job opening the track for part of the summer but it sounds like more work needs to be done so if you are planning to visit in late April or May, make sure to check the PWS track closures page before venturing in.

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