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Macro Photography – Tasmania’s Alpine Plants

Some macro shots of the alpine plants encountered on our recent visit to Mt Field East. The bright sunny conditions weren’t necessarilly the best for wide landscape photos, so most of what I did was macro and abstract photography. Often these shots involved shading the subject from the harsh sun with an umbrella. Sometimes I think people must wonder what on earth I am doing but the results are worth it in my humble opinion 🙂

Tasmania's alpine plants & macro photography - Pandani

Pandani Frond, Mt Field Tasmania. The curly tips of the pandani frond are a great subject for macro photography. In this case the dry brown of an old frond contrasts richly against the deep green of the new fronds.

Lichens and Banksia - Macro photo

The seed capsules of this banksia with lichen, resembling something that could be part of the scenery in a Studio Ghibli movie! Nausica’s Valley of the Winds perhaps?

Banksia Flower - Macro/Abstract

Banksia Flower – Macro/Abstract

"Old Mans Beard" - Macro photos

“Old Mans Beard” – an interesting lichen, yellow in colour that adds an interesting extra dimension to forest scenes. This is just one small tendril on the end of a branch.

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My macro photos, and indeed all my Tasmanian landscape photos, are available for purchase as fine art prints. I run a stall of my photograhy at Hobart’s popular Salamanca Market each Saturday. Feel free to browse through my online gallery or to drop by Salamanca next time you are in Hobart. Contact me to place an order online.

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