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Mt Wedge & South West Tasmania

Mt Wedge is a great vantage point of all the well known south west Tassie mountains like the Western Arthurs, Federation Peak, Mt Anne, and Lake Pedder and the Florentine Valley, Mt Field and so on.There was a lot of smoke this day which wasn’t real great, and the myrtle forest on the upper slopes of Mt Wedge was extremely dry from the extended warm period we have enjoyed this summer. The views from the top toward the south west were brilliant, but the fire in the other direction obscured everything that way. When the forest wets up again it will be great to revisit this area, as well as the giant eucalypts and ancient rainforests of the Styx, Upper Florentine and so on nearby.

Federation Peak from Mt Wedge, South West Tasmania

Federation Peak from Mt Wedge. Smoked completely obscured the view in the other direction this day!

Lake Pedder, from Mt Wedge

Lake Pedder, from Mt Wedge

Myrtle forest, Mt Wedge

Old Myrtles on the hike. Wind caused the blur of the lower branches.

Late in the day the dusk colours made a beautiful sight behind the dark silhouette of the mountain. The Gordon River Road is a beautiful drive into south western Tasmania and it is well worth spending a couple of days in this remote part of Tasmania.

Pink Sky behind Mt Wedge

Pink Sky behind Mt Wedge

Morning scene. Upper Florentine Valley

Great morning colours over the Upper Florentine forests. Like an oil painting!

Upper Florentine Valley, Tall Trees

The tall trees of the valley

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