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red ochre beach sunset tasmania

Sunset Photos: Red Ochre Beach

Red Ochre Beach and Park Beach are places I’ve been meaning to visit for a little while, and I decided on Sunday it was time to head out that way. Hobart really is blessed with the amount of waterways, peninsulas and rocky beaches in such proximity to the city, not to mention the mountain which means the clouds and sky are always doing something interesting too. There wasn’t too much happening on Park Beach itself, so we decided on Red Ochre beach.

The evening started out innocently enough, the water wasn’t moving a lot, and there was some nice pinks and oranges in the clouds. The sunset is more or less right behind the mountain from this location, but the colours were most vivid to the south, and I started thinking maybe the show was over, only to see some very bright pink appear in the northern sky. A few minutes later this then stretched right across the western horizon, in a truly brilliant red.

I’ve had a good deal of luck lately I have to admit – my first visit to Cape Raoul was a great success, and this trip out here was spectacular (or perhaps it does this every night out there – it’s Hobarts best kept secret if it does!)

I like the darkness in this image. The rocky foreground and the amazing red in the sky and water have almost turned Hobart into Mordor!

Sunset, Red Ochre Beach

Living up to it’s name, Sunset from Red Ochre Beach

Purchasing “Scarlet”: Sunset at Red Ochre Beach and other prints

This, and indeed all the Tasmanian photography you see throughout my blog are available as carefully printed fine art prints.

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