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Red Hygrocybe mushroom Tasmania

Today’s post is about this nice red fungi. I dont know much about it other than that it is reasonably common in the Tasmanian rainforest.  I am quite sure it is a Hygrocybe. I have a sneaking suspicion it might perhaps be a Hygrocybe firma, but for the time being here are the pics 🙂

red hygrocybe tarkine tasmania

A cluster of red Hygrocybe fungi. Found on the Philosopher Falls track in the Tarkine during the autumn.

This fungi is often a fairly tricky fungi to shoot as it often grows straight out of the ground and you need to perform some tripod gymnastics to get interesting angles – such as the the image above.

Behind the scenes – excuse the shaky phone photo, but this is the camera set up for shooting fungi on the ground. Horizontal bar as well as the camera body hanging upside down. Makes finding buttons a little tricky but the flippy screen is invaluable!

red hygrocybe tarkine tasmania

A portrait this time, of a fully formed fungi and a couple of fungi in waiting. I took these shots in May 2018 and by the time I returned to this same location a month later, no trace of any was left.

red hygrocybe tarkine tasmania

I really can’t decide which orientation I like better, portrait or landscape…

The other two shots were growing around half a metre off the ground on a fern so that made composition that little bit easier – it was just the “usual” issues in the rainforest of dripping rain, soft squishy surfaces which can shake if you move your foot at just the wrong moment… The images above by the way were 25~30 second exposures!

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