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Styx Valley Tasmania

Styx Valley Big Tree Reserve

On a recent visit to the Styx Valley big tree reserve I noticed a few changes afoot…

Styx Valley Big Tree reserve - the "Bigger" Tree

Styx Valley Big Tree reserve – the “Bigger” Tree

It seems almost all of the viewing infrastructure has been taken out. The walking track is still there but the sloped wall you could lie back on to look up at the forest giants is gone. As is the little “up and over” steps shortly afterwards, and the seating near the “Bigger Tree” is completely gone too.

The "Big Tree" in the Styx Valley Big Tree Reserve

Styx Valley Big Tree Reserve. The “Big Tree” and its neighboring giants

This in no way detracted from the experience, in fact I really liked the open space around the “Bigger Tree” and spent a fair bit of time composing and shooting in a spot I have been too many times over the years but only really came away with a shot I am happy with on this particular trip.

Myrtle beside the Styx River, Styx Valley Big Tree Reserve

Myrtle beside the Styx River

Across the road from the walking track is another track that leads down to the Styx River where the giant eucalypts give way to giant myrtles. It is a beautiful spot to relax, beside the tannin stained waters of the river and under the deep green canopy of the forest.

Styx Valley of the Giants

Styx Valley of the Giants – eucalypts on the ridgeline, seen from the Styx Bridge

And best of all, given there is a good, solid bridge over the Styx River you don’t even need to worry about paying the ferryman to take you to the other side – a little Ancient Greek literary reference for you there folks 😉

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