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landscape photography tips

Circular Polariser Filter in Landscape Photography

The circular polariser filter is one of the most useful filters available to landscape photographers and is surprisingly uncomplicated to use, and provides quite a dramatic effect in your images. The two shots below highlight this difference. When to use a circular polariser filter (CPL) Out of all my accessories, the CPL is the one...Read More

Mathinna Falls North East Tasmania

Mathinna Falls is a very easy walk, and a rewarding waterfall for photographers. Access is only a short drive from the town of Mathinna in Tasmania’s north east. The trail is mostly flat, and after a short walk you will find the first waterfall which includes rocky cascades below the falls and a nice deep...Read More

Tasmania’s Best 5 Photography Locations: Bay of Fires

Part 4 of my guide to Tasmania’s best is the Bay of Fires region in the north east. This is one area of Tasmania that has been getting a lot of attention internationally lately. Consistently voted one of the worlds best/must see/hidden treasure and so on by international travel experts, the area includes Mt William National...Read More

Bushwalking and Landscape Photography

Tips and Preparations for Photography and Overnight Walking It is such an obvious statement that it almost redundant to say it, but if you want to photograph landscapes, wilderness, mountain sunsets and so on, then you are going to have to pack your gear and walk for hours or days, just to get into location...Read More