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Tarkine Fungi (Part II)

Here are some more fungi shots from a recent trip to Tasmania’s Tarkine, part of my 4 day Cradle Mountain photography workshop in fact. This workshop usually runs 2 or 3 times a year, and the next dates are September 12-15. Fungi is always a major part of my autumn tours, there is a myriad of these tiny (and some not so tiny!) denizens of the Tasmanian rainforest. The Philosopher Falls track in particular is a great spot for fungi and I seem to be visiting here multiple times each autumn the past few years!

tasmania fungi photography workshop tarkine

Some orange fungi in the moss at Philosopher Falls

Tiny toadstool in the Tarkine rainforest

Another tiny fungi on the track to Philosopher Falls

Fungi - or is it a lollie...

This one was growing out of a fallen log, and was doing a pretty good job of impersonating a jube (licorice perhaps??)

tasmanian fungi tarkine philosopher falls

This was quite interesting – and not to mention, a little challenging to photograph! It was growing in a cavity of a fallen tree over the track and required the absolute full length of my tripod. I stopped down to shoot meaning the exposure was quite long, so any movement would ruin the shot but I got it in the end. It seems to show fungi growing on a fungi!I have no idea re ID…

tasmanian fungi tarkine philosopher falls

One I had never seen before

tasmanian fungi tarkine philosopher falls

There were a lot of these, growing out of the mossy wall along the water race, quite close to the stairs that take you to the waterfall viewing platform.

tasmanian fungi tarkine philosopher falls

My favourite shot of the day 🙂

The track to Philosopher Falls

A large clump beside the track. Still using the macro lens, but this time shooting from a few metres away rather than a few centremetres!

Mycea interrupta Tarkine Tasmania

The very photogenic Mycena interrupta

One more trip to Philosopher Falls awaits – I am currently on a 10 day trip right across Tasmania and we will see what Philosopher Falls holds in store for us this weekend 🙂

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