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Tasmanian photography locations: Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is perhaps the best know Tasmanian photography locations and the beloved symbol of the Tasmanian Wilderness. It is the most well known and most visited part of Tasmania, and a highlight of any Tasmanian photography trip. Dove Lake is at around 900m altitude, and the peak of Cradle Mountain is over 1500m. Walks range from 20 minute strolls to the week long Overland Track to Lake St Clair, 80 kms to the south.Cradle can be quite an elusive mountain, hidden behind any combination of clouds, wind, rain, snow at any time of the year. We have driven there on brilliant sunny days expecting the best, only to find cloud right where you dont want it. But not this time…

As we arrived, the Lake was a little choppy, but the skies were clear, and things were looking very promising. As the evening drew on, a calm came over the lake, and the reflections became sharper and sharper. It was a still, cloudless night, and the stars were fantastic. The following morning too was brilliant, with a steely blue dawn, a hint of pink on the high clouds, and a little fire on the mountain when the sun came up. One of those scenes that you always hope for as a photographer was unfolding right in front of me – after dozens of trips to Cradle, maybe I’d paid my dues, and the mountain finally revealed itself.

Tasmanian photography locations: Cradle Mountain

Snowy reflections and abstract lines, Cradle Mountain

Tasmanian photography locations: Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain – Starry night at Dove Lake

Tasmanian photography locations: Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain “First Light”

Anyone planning a trip to Cradle Mountain would be well advised to check weather forecasts and then pack your wet weather gear anyway. A great way to get an idea of conditions up there is to take a look at these Cradle Mountain Webcams, kindly provided by the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service whose job it is to manage the magnificent Tasmanian natural heritage areas.

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