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Mycena interrupta Tasmanian fungi

The fungi hunting blues

The autumn blues are upon me. The summer is long gone. The days are cold and the nights are long. And I got the blues. The fungi hunting blues. The lying in the dirt, flicking off leeches, convoluted tripod gymnastics, autumn in Tasmania fungi hunting blues…

A fantasically photogenic patch of Mycena interrupta at Cradle Mountain

By blues I mean of course, Mycena interrupta. Every trip out this autumn has included a seriously photogenic patch of these wonderful autumn denizens of the Tasmanian rainforest. I had to wrench myself away at times as I got thinking how many photos of this mushroom do I really need! The answer invariable came back… “just one more…”

Mycena interrupta philosopher falls Tarkine

Another great bunch. I shot this at f8, needed much more depth of field though I think. The cobwebs were a real feature and would have benefited from more detail…

My trips this year took me to Mt Field including Maydena and the Styx Valley, Corinna and Waratah in the Tarkine, Cradle Mountain (a few times!) the central highlands and the north east ie a fair bit of the state covered during April and May, which is of course peak fungi hunting time here in Tasmania.

Mycena interrupta Tarkine

This log at Corinna was covered in blues, more than I’ve seen before in the one spot.


Mycena interrupta Mt Field Tasmania

The light was a bit of a treat on this patch at Mt Field…


Mycena interrupta Mt Field Tasmania

…and perhaps even more impressive on this patch, also at Mt Field!


Mycena interrupta, Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Fun with bokeh 🙂


Mycena interrupta, Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Another nicely lit specimen. Cradle Mountain


Mycena interrupta, Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Just one more… Again at Cradle Mountain. This one involved a little bit of focus stacking, I focused on the rim of each of the main caps and blended them together to create this image.

Fungi hunting is always a big part of my autumn trips. If you can see yourself getting into it, I’ll be announcing dates for autumn 2022 fairly soon. In the meantime you can view more of my “Mushroom Art” on my online gallery 🙂

Sunrise and mist at Cradle Mountain
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