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Akagawa Falls Iizaka Onsen

The Akagawa Falls are located just out of the hot spring town of Iizaka Onsen in northern Fukushima. After following a very narrow and windy road, we found the small shrine from which a short trail leads down to the waterfall.

As with many waterfalls, it is not just the falls themselves but the location that makes for great photos. In the case of Akagawa Falls, there are some lovely cascades just downstream of the falls which added a great deal to the photos, especially given that water levels seemed to be quite low.

Akagawa River in Fukushima Japan

Cascades on the Akagawa River in Fukushima, Japan

In addition, the river passes through some lovely cool and green forest which is always a joy to visit and photograph.

Akagawa River Iizaka Onsen Fukushima

The Akagawa River just outside of Iizaka Onsen in Fukushima. The falls are just around the corner, upstream.

A unique factor when shooting in Japan is the quite unsettling fact that forests like this are home to Japanese black bears! While in Tasmania, visiting nature is often about the quiet and solitude, in areas where bears can be encountered it is advisable to make a lot of noise either by talking loudly, singing, listening to music and/or carrying a bear-bell. I sent a lot of time in between shots looking nervously over my shoulder…

Akagawa Falls Fukushima Japan

The Akagawa Falls in Fukushima, Japan

Akagawa Falls Fukushima Japan

The Akagawa Falls in Fukushima, Japan

The river below Akagawataki in Fukushima

Looking downstream over the cascades near Akagawataki in Fukushima

Due to the low water levels it was quite easy to wade into the river and grab some shots of the cascades, the rocks and the water flow. It was also quite a nice little escape from the summer temperatures!

Akagawa Falls Fukushima Japan

The Akagawa Falls in Fukushima, Japan

I can imagine things could be quite different here after significant rain, and given that northern Japan is just about to enter into the rainy season, I might just have the chance to see for myself!

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