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Aurora Australis Tasmania

The aurora of May 11 2024

Oh what a night! The aurora of May 11 2024 was an incredible night under the southern lights not just in Tasmania but all over the world. In the week leading up to May 11, a major sunspot on the sun fired off multiple major (X-class) flares in succession, leading astronomers to predict a very...Read More
photographing the aurora camera settings

Camera Settings for Photographing the Aurora

The final installment of my aurora chasing tips is all about the night of the big shoot. As discussed in part 1 a tripod is a must as is a reasonably wide angle lens. If you are new to manual camera settings it can seem quite daunting but the settings and technique can be summed...Read More
where to see the aurora in tasmania

Locations for shooting the aurora in Tasmania

Part 3 of my aurora chasers guide is all about location, location, location. And rather than just posting a bullet point list of locations, I’ll talk about how to find your own locations as most of the well known spots can get quite crowded these days as aurora spotting grows in popularity. Aurora Viewing Locations...Read More
where to photograph the aurora in tasmania

When does the aurora appear in Tasmania?

Part 2 of my aurora chasers guide is all about what causes the aurora – ie when an aurora might appear in Tasmania. When does the aurora appear in Tasmania? The million dollar question. Unfortunately we cant simply check an upcoming aurora schedule, book a flight to Tassie and sit back and enjoy the show....Read More
how to photograph the aurora in tasmania

Tips for Photographing the Aurora in Tasmania

This month I thought I’d share some tips for photographing the aurora in Tasmania. This information will be in four parts – gear, what causes the aurora, locations and finally camera settings on the night of the shoot. Today I’ll be covering gear. Camera The first thing to cover is camera gear and in this...Read More
aurora australis cradle mountain tasmania

Cradle Mountain Aurora

This was a night to remember! On the first night of this weeks Cradle Mountain photography workshop we were treated to a lovely display of the aurora over Cradle Mountain on a perfectly clear night. Dove Lake was the place to be this evening, as the perfectly clear sky and still conditions allowed for perfect...Read More

The aurora and STEVE

Watching an aurora is always a fantastic experience but this particular evening had some extra goodness to it. Whilst each display of the aurora is quite different, typically there is a greenish glow along the horizon with a varied range of red-pink-purple colours above it. There is also a subset of “sub-auroral forms”, a couple...Read More
southern lights tasman island

Southern Lights over Tasman Island

Well this was unexpected – on our recent hike out to Cape Pillar we caught the Southern Lights over Tasman Island! In my previous post I mentioned we got clouded out after our sunset/dusk shoot, but ever the optimist, we decided to get up early just in case – and then this happened: The light...Read More
aurora australis kunanyi mt wellington february 2023

The pulsating aurora

On February 27 a major aurora occurred across Tasmania. A lot of the state was cloudy including Hobart and the south east, but luckily for Hobartians we have a big giant mountain with a webcam nearby. During the early evening I watched in dismay as the clouds seemed destined to ruin a great show. I...Read More
aurora chasers handbook second edition

Aurora Chasers Handbook 2023 edition

The extremely popular Aurora Chasers Handbook, originally published in 2013, has been revamped and the second edition is now available! This edition has fully revised text and imagery. As you might imagine, since 2013 there have been many magnificent images of the aurora captured and the new book features images by over 50 photographers (compared...Read More

Aurora and bioluminescence

I have been keen to photograph an aurora and bioluminescence in the same shot for quite a while now and a couple of nights ago I finally landed it!   The day was basically completely cloudy and there wasn’t even a great deal of expectation of an aurora but late in the afternoon I noticed...Read More