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where to see the aurora in tasmania

Locations for shooting the aurora in Tasmania

Part 3 of my aurora chasers guide is all about location, location, location. And rather than just posting a bullet point list of locations, I’ll talk about how to find your own locations as most of the well known spots can get quite crowded these days as aurora spotting grows in popularity.

Aurora Viewing Locations

The bottom line is that the aurora can be seen all over Tasmania. The aurora appears over the southern horizon so picking a vantage point away from bright lights that has a clear view south is key. Google Maps is your friend here. Switch into “Satellite View” so you get a real life view of the terrain and look for easy access beaches or lookouts.

Aurora viewing locations tasmania

Aurora viewing locations tasmania. The Channel Highway south of Hobart.

Make sure you check out your locations during daylight hours to confirm there are no restrictions on access (eg private property, locked gates etc).

Checking during daylight hours also allows you to identify any potential hazards that could cause grief in the dark.

Location Etiquette

If word has gotten out about an aurora appearing, many spots will likely be very busy.

If possible arrive during twilight so you can find a spot and set up before it gets completely dark. I prefer to move away from the main car parking area too so I don’t need to worry about the headlights from cars coming and going. Similarly try and keep your headtorch usage to an absolute minimum as it will be very bright in other peoples shots.

Take care driving at night on unfamiliar roads as wildlife and other aurora chasers are likely to be about!

Location List

OK. All right, I’ll do a list too 🙂

None of these are secret and many are already likely to be busy when there is an aurora happening so I don’t think I am letting any cats out of any bags here…

Seven Mile Beach (near Hobart Airport)

South Arm (anywhere really but Goats Bluff Lookout and Mortimer Bay are very well known)

Howden Boat Ramp (south of Hobart past Kingston)

Mt Wellington summit Be very careful on the narrow road at night. Wildlife and other traffic are a hazard. Note the road is closed overnight very frequently in winter.

Evandale (south of Launceston). Car park beside the South Esk River.

Aurora at Cradle Mountain.

Aurora at Cradle Mountain. Take care driving at night!

Many of Tasmania’s most celebrated landscapes are also great aurora viewing locations like Cradle Mountain, Freycinet and the Tasman Peninsula so spend some time on Google Maps looking for easy access southerly viewpoints!

where to photograph the aurora in tasmania
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