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Lake St Clair and Western Wilderness

Nelson Falls

I have written about Nelson Falls a few times, as it really is one of Tasmania’s best waterfalls. Surrounded by lush green forest the falls are a very short walk from the Lyell Highway between Lake St Clair and Queenstown so a great place to stop on any trip to western Tasmania. Nelson Falls have...Read More

The Glimmering Leatherwood

A lazy summer morning by the Franklin River… the longer you sit and look, the more you notice… the glistening of crystal clear waters and the glimmering leatherwood The Glimmering Leatherwood (Part I) from Luke O’Brien on Vimeo. The Glimmering Leatherwood (Part II) from Luke O’Brien on Vimeo.  

Hogarth Falls in Strahan

Hogarth Falls is a very easy short walk through the Peoples Park in Strahan on Tasmania’s west coast. The track is flat and wide and an easy stroll for people of all fitness levels. I visited a few weeks ago and water levels were fairly low which allowed a little bit of rock hopping for...Read More

A night at Narcissus Hut, Lake St Clair

Narcissus Hut is the last hut on Tasmania’s Overland Track. Most walkers stay the last night at Windy Ridge, however, and use Narcissus Hut as a shelter in inclement weather when waiting for the ferry ride back to Cynthia Bay. On my last trip down the Overland Track in May, I stayed one night at...Read More

Post Processing Waterfalls – Nelson Falls

An interesting conversation during a recent photography workshop leads me to this article today – about post processing waterfalls for an authentic, rather than “fake” image. We were at Nelson Falls and the conditions were challenging as there was a lot of white water on the waterfall as well as a lot of dark shade...Read More

Leeawuleena – Sleeping Waters

Leeawuleena – or “Sleeping Waters” is the aboriginal name for Lake St Clair. Here is a selection of dawn shots taken on the lakes edge. Utterly peaceful and serene. Lake St Clair is a beautiful spot. Many of Tasmania’s best bushwalks start (and finish!) here. The Mt Rufus day walk, the Labyrinth area and the...Read More

Cuvier River and Interval Composite mode

I recently spent a few nights up at Lake St Clair and made the time to snoop around the Watersmeet area, where the Cuvier River and Hugel River meet before flowing into the Lake. It was a magnificently still and overcast day, meaning perfect conditions for photographing the forest. Interval Composite Mode – Your very...Read More

Frenchmans Cap Hike (Part 2)

Part 2 of my Frenchmans Cap hike report begins from our campsite near Sharlands Peak… Frenchmans Cap Hike – Day 3: Climb Frenchmans Cap and return to Lake Vera Due to a poor weather forecast for the following day we decided that we would leave our gear right where it was, and climb Frenchmans Cap...Read More

Frenchmans Cap Hike (Part 1)

Frenchmans Cap dominates the skyline of central Tasmania and is a magnificent peak to view as you drive the Lyell Highway between Lake St Clair and Queenstown. Donaghy’s Hill is a short walk which allows you to view the white quartzite peak in the distance, but those who decide to get closer to this mighty...Read More