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Myrtle Gully Falls

Myrtle Gully Falls is very close to Hobart and a great place to get some experience photographing waterfalls. It is found on the Myrtle Gully track which begins at the end of Old Farm Road, which is conveniently located right at the rear of the Cascade Brewery, so you can reward yourself with a cold drink after a session on the mountain 🙂

myrtle gully falls mt wellington tasmania

Myrtle Gully Falls, on the Myrtle Gully track, Mt Wellington

The walk in from the car park is only 10 minutes or so, and is mostly uphill walking, but on a fairly gentle gradient. There is a nice and wide path, and it is easy to spot the falls as a bridge goes across the river right in front of them. Here is Old Farm Road on the map:

myrtle gully falls mt wellington tasmania

A wide angle view of the fall, taking in as many cascades as I could (the waterfall type that is, not the type being brewed just down the road!)

myrtle gully falls mt wellington tasmania

Myrtle Gully falls, shot at f2.8 for a blurred background effect.

myrtle gully falls mt wellington tasmania

Again, using f2.8 and blurring the background – or in this case, most of the scene!

I visit these falls regularly as part of my “Hobart & Surrounds” workshop. We usually spend around 90 minutes here which allows plenty of time for camera talk and composing from a variety of angles. After we are done at the waterfall, the workshop moves to the eastern shore where we do a sunset with Mt Wellington and the city lights of Hobart. For all the details on this workshop click here.

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