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autumn in tasmania

The Art of Fagus

Every autumn in Tasmania we enjoy the spectacle of the “Turning of the Fagus” that is to say, the leaves of the endemic Nothofagus gunnii, change from the deep summer greens to autumnal tones of yellow, orange and red. The best places to view this unique Australian scene are at Mt Field in the south,...Read More

Ross Bridge

Ross is a delightful small town on Tasmania’s Midlands Highway which links the major cities of Hobart and Launceston. It is a great place to break up the drive from north to south and has some great convict built landmarks such as the Ross Bridge. The talking point of the Ross Bridge is the intricately...Read More

Tasmanian Fagus & Macro Photography

As well as adding a beautiful splash of colour when taking grand, wide open landscape photographs, the Tasmanian fagus is a wonderful subject for macro photography. After a couple of days walking through the clouds and snow and hail beyond Marions Lookout, I spent my last morning at Dove Lake on the slopes of Mt...Read More

Fagus – Cradle Mountain in Autumn

In follow up to my previous Fagus Watch 2013 post, here are some shots of Tasmania’s fagus in all it’s glory. Last week the clouds were down and the orange glow of the fagus was at it’s peak at Cradle Mountain. These shots are all from the area around the base of Cradle Mountain along...Read More

Autumn in Tasmania

Autumn in Tasmania is a landscape photographers delight. The mountain sides are a riot of colour as Tasmania’s deciduous beech, the fagus, farewells the summer and its leaves change to reds, oranges and yellows. Cradle Mountain is a great place to view this unique Tasmanian experience. Another highlight of the Tasmanian autumn is searching in...Read More

Autumn in Tasmania: Fagus on Mt Murchison

Autumn has arrived on Mt Murchison, on Tasmania’s West Coast. Located right behind the small town of Tullah, Mt Murchison is a particularly rewarding walk, as it is the only place where all the mountains of Tasmania’s world famous Overland Track can be seen from outside the national park. Autumn is a particularly beautiful time...Read More