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Tasmanian Aurora Chasers Feature on ABC 7:30!

Last Wednesday (September 2, 2015) Tasmanian aurora chasers featured on a segment on the ABC’s 7:30. The segment included an interview with yours truly (!) and followed me on a trip to the Tessellated Pavements (Eaglehawk Neck) to capture footage in the field. As luck would have it – and I seem to have a lot of luck with the aurora repeatedly appearing for me during workshops – the aurora again appeared for the ABC’s camera man.

Tasmanian Aurora Chasers ABC 7:30

Behind the Scenes I: Interview in the kitchen! Looking at the gauges to see whether or not we would have a chance at capturing an aurora that night.

Tasmanian Aurora Chasers ABC 7:30

Behind the Scenes II: Arriving at Eaglehawk Neck right on dusk – skies perfectly clear, the moon was out and it all looked very positive re the aurora.

In my previous blog post, I shared some of the images captured during that evening, and this time around I thought I would share a few “behind the scenes” images as well as the timelapse captured that night. A short section of this timelapse appeared on the segment – the whole timelapse includes a rather nice explosion of beams right at the beginning:

I was also quite impressed with the following graphic that appeared on Twitter the next day:

Luke OBrien Tasmanian Aurora Chasers ABC

This graphic appeared on Twitter promoting the ABC’s Aurora Chaser segment (not my image)

It is important to point out that the photo isn’t one of mine (I am not sure whose it is – the graphic is the work of the ABC) – but regarding the quote, well, I couldn’t agree with me more on that one!

The full story, including a transcript is now online on the ABC website. There is also a short preview clip which can be viewed here (7:30 Facebook).

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