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The Centurion Tree tasmania

The Centurion Tree

I am a big fan of big trees, and recently made my way out to the biggest of the big trees (or at least the tallest!) – the Centurion Tree.

The Centurion Tree tasmania

The Centurion Tree (left). 100 metres high and one of the worlds tallest trees. And its right here in Tasmania.

The Centurion Tree is 100 metres high and is Australia’s tallest tree. According to Wikipedia it is also the third tallest in the world, behind the famed Redwoods (Sequoia) in America, and the Menara Tree in Malaysia – although there seems to be a little debate on that, so Tassie can just about claim second tallest I think 🙂

The Centurion Tree tasmania

Another of the trees in the Centurion grove

Aside from the sheer wonder of visiting a tree so high, the other equally – if not moreso – incredulous factor of a visit is the complete lack of information on this tree including visitor facilities and signage, and disrepair of the track. A visit to Centurion takes you past logged forests as well as forests comprehensively damaged in the fires if 2019. Centurion itself was lucky to survive, in fact the 85 metre giant right beside Centurion was not so lucky. It is incredible to think such a special place could have been lost and most Australians would never have known it existed, let alone ever visited.

The Centurion Tree tasmania

View of the surrounding forests – much of it already heavily logged.

This tree should be celebrated – indeed all Tassie’s giants are absolute jewels. A tree that is 100 metres high and almost completely unknown is quite hard to understand.

The Centurion Tree tasmania

Half way up!

If you’d like to join me on a giant tree tour, I run day trips to Mt Field & the Styx Valley; as well as a private 3 day tour where we base ourselves in Maydena and really explore the area. If you are keen to find out more about Tasmania’s big trees, including Centurion, I highly recommend visiting the Tree Projects website which includes detailed maps and other information.

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