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Video from Mt Anne Tasmania

Here are a couple of videos I shot while up Mt Anne last weekend. Very simple/straightforward videos basically, but I thought they would be of interest as the weather was so magnificent – all the great peaks of south west Tasmania could be clearly seen 🙂

Mt Anne Tasmania – Panoramic

This first one is a panorama, taken from just below the summit. It starts looking west, with Mt Solitary and Scotts Peak in Lake Pedder visible, and switches to the south west and south. The Western Arthur range is clearly visible behind the Eliza Plateau (which is crossed in order to reach Mt Anne). Mt Sarah Jane is the last peak you see before the camera points up towards the final part of the climb to Mt Anne.

Mt Anne, Lake Pedder and South West Tasmania from Luke O’Brien on Vimeo.

“Blowing in the Wind”

This second one is just one scene – some beautiful little geum flowers bobbing in the breeze. It was an absolutely perfect day to be up high, and I thought the light winds on these delicate alpine flowers was a great way of capturing this.

Blowing in the Wind from Luke O’Brien on Vimeo.

I havent done too much video over the years but am finding it a handy little addition to my regular photography and will no doubt be posting more and more as time goes by. Feel free to check out my other videos on my Vimeo page, where I have posted a few aurora timelapses (including at Cradle Mountain!) and some pretty cool platypus footage from the Liffey River.

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