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South West National Park

Western Arthur Range Part II: Lake Cygnus

Part II of my Western Arthurs trip report begins in the mist between Mt Hayes and Lake Cygnus on my return to camp. Mountains are not a great place to be in a hurry. I had been aiming for Lake Oberon but a complaining knee thwarted that plan. My first thoughts were of disappointment but...Read More

Western Arthur Range Part I: Onward and Upward!

The Western Arthur Range has long been at the top of my must see locations in Tasmania and with a small group of friends recently I visited the first part of the range over three days, camping two nights at Lake Cygnus. The hike is a real doozy. The first few kilometres start out innocently...Read More
mt anne south west tasmania

A Walk in the Park – Pandani Shelf (part I)

The Pandani Shelf on the north east ridge of Mt Anne is one of those spots I’ve wanted to visit for years and last month Cam, his mate Luke and I took advantage of a stunning patch of weather to make the journey. The north east ridge is famous for its stunning alpine vegetation including...Read More

Fun with snow

Along with my jaunt on kunanyi / Mt Wellington a few weeks back I also took a drive along the Gordon River Road to check out some snowy vistas in Tasmania’s south west. I have recently purchased the Pentax 150-450mm and while it is primarily a wildlife/bird long lens I put it to some good...Read More
Spring growth on the myrtle beech (N. cunninghamii) trees

Myrtle beech new spring leaves

The peak of autumn and just as the deciduous beech leaves are changing might seem an odd time to be bringing up spring growth on the myrtle beech trees but I thought it would be interesting to share a few photos from last spring. The myrtle beech (Nothofagus cunninghamii) is a direct relative of the...Read More
snow south west tasmania

Snow Day!

With a big dump of snow promised by the forecasters, a day out in the South West seemed like a great idea so we headed off bright and early. I’ll let the pictures tell the story…                         Timelapse Video (from Phone)  
Moonset at Lion Rock on Tasmania's South Coast

South Cape Bay & Lion Rock

Depending on the direction you have walked from, South Cape Bay is either the reward for a nice and mostly flat two hour walk from Cockle Creek to Australia’s most southerly viewpoint or the end of a grueling week in the wilderness along Tasmania’s lonely and remote south coast. For me recently it was the...Read More

Par Avion South West Scenic Flights

Par Avion has a number of scenic flights all over Tasmania. A few weeks ago we joined their South West Wilderness Experience to see the sights of Tasmania’s south west. Here are the highlights 🙂                             I hope you have enjoyed the...Read More

Lake Pedder aerial photos!

Lake Pedder Lodge out at Strathgordon just had a 1 year “birthday” over the weekend. Part of the festivities included great discounts on activities such as kayaking, abseiling and a helicopter flight over the lake. Lake Pedder Aerial Photos Having never flown above Tasmania (apart from major flights out of the state of course!) I...Read More

Red Knoll Lookout

The Red Knoll Lookout in Tasmania’s South West National Park has to be one of the best places to visit to easily experience the grandeur of Tasmania’s rugged World Heritage Area. There is camping nearby at the Huon and Edgar campgrounds so spending a night is an easy option. This sequence of shots was taken...Read More