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Wandle Falls Walk Part II – Fungi!

The Wandle Falls walk in Tasmania’s Tarkine region is a straightforward walk, in fact, meandering through the myrtle forest searching for tiny autumn fungi might in fact be the best way to enjoy this location! As per my previous post, the falls are accessed from the A10 highway. This part of the highway traverses some beautiful forest, so apart from the waterfall itself there are many reasons to head out here at any time of year. Autumn, and the fungi, of course being one of my favourite times of year to visit places like this 🙂

Fungi Tarkine Forest, Wandle River

Fungi in the forest beside the Wandle River, Tasmania

Fungi Tarkine Forest, Wandle River

Surveying his domain…

Fungi Tarkine Forest, Wandle River

Tiny little toadstool. The cap would barely be 5mm wide, and the stalk incredibly delicate. This was growing on top of a fallen log, making composition a lot easier!

Fungi Tarkine Forest, Wandle River

Another fungi in a bed of moss

Fungi Tarkine Forest, Wandle River

Beautiful pink/violet fungi. Growing right out of the ground makes it harder to compose. My Manfrotto tripod allows the main camera support column to be assembled horizontally. So with the tripod as flat to the ground as possible, the camera out on a horizontal plane, I then positioned the camera upside down right in front of this little family of fungi. One of my favourite shots of the day – not least because it took the most effort to set up!

Fungi Tarkine Forest, Wandle River

These guys are quite common – yet quite fantastic. Always worth a stop!

Fungi season might have passed for this year, but I am in the planning process for a series of workshops next autumn including Cradle Mountain, the Bay of Fires and the Tarkine. All new workshop dates will be published on the tours and workshops page.

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