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Wandle Falls Track Part I – The Waterfall

Another short but rewarding walk in Tasmania’s Tarkine region is the scramble to Wandle Falls. Located on the Murchisson Highway (A10) a short distance from Waratah, park your car at the Wandle River crossing and follow the creek downstream (west) a short distance. The forest is quite nice and well and truly worth a stop just for the fungi alone in autumn (that will be the subject of my next blog post!).

Wandle Falls walk in Tasmania's Tarkine

This forest trail leads you to Wandle Falls

There are a few pink tags here and there in the forest, but basically just follow the river along. You will see and hear cascades and will be able to scramble down to a couple of interesting vantage points on the river.

Cascades on the Wandle River

Cascades on the Wandle River, just above the main fall.

The Wandle River

The view over the falls

The falls themselves are a nice cascade with a lot of protruding boulders meaning there are many cascades to shoot. I visited in early autumn this year, and given Tasmania just experienced the hottest and driest summer on record, I was surprised to see even this much water on the falls. Visiting in winter, or after particularly heavy falls would make the creek very dangerous, so here are a few low water level shots 🙂

Wandle Falls Walk in Tasmania's Tarkine region

Wandle Falls, from right in front. No doubt an impossible angle after heavy rains!

Beautiful smooth flow of the waterfall

The “shot of the day” – an interval composite shot resulting in a very long exposure and an ultra smooth flow.

The walk in is quite straightforward and it will only take 10 minutes or so to be in the vicinity of the falls. The area as a whole however is very deserving of an extended stay – there is no need to hurry when there are photos to be taken!

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