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Canary Worm – Tarkine

Well, this was a surprise – I spotted what I thought was a yellow fungi on a  mossy tree trunk up on the banks of the Savage River with my group a few weeks ago. I left the scene and came back a little while later only to find that the fungi had moved (or at least changed positions). I thought that was a little odd, as I hadn’t heard of mobile fungi in the few years I have been photographing them (and I hadn’t heard of the Canary Worm – Fletchamia sugdeni at that moment either).

Fletchamia sugdeni canary worm tarkine

Yellow canary worm

So, I looked a little closer, only to see some very worm like movement going on, and got a little excited as to me this was a discovery! Perhaps no one else in the world had ever found such a thing as a giant yellow worm in Tasmania’s Wild Tarkine. So I took a few photos and even a few videos to document the little guy.

Fletchamia sugdeni canary worm tarkine

The Canary Worm in Tasmania’s wild Tarkine rainforest

Fletchamia sugdeni canary worm tarkine

A crop of the image above

Fletchamia sugdeni canary worm tarkine

Another image of the little fella

Fletchamia sugdeni canary worm tarkine

Crop of the above image

Upon returning to Corinna I snooped through some national park flora and fauna notes that I found there and discovered that my discovery wasn’t really a discovery, rather a Canary Worm, and fairly well known by the looks of things… Apparently it even has the ability to break itself into two and become two living worms which is of course rather remarkable.

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