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Mt Field Lake Fenton Fagus

A Lake Fenton fagus trip is always worthwhile, even late in the fagus season – ie right about now. There was a lovely mist and therefore a nice, even light over Mt Field today.

Fagus at Lake Fenton, May 4 2019

The fagus is Australia’s only native deciduous tree, and is a relic from the days of Gondwana. It is a wonderful sight to see the rustic autumn yellows and oranges among the snow gums, pandani and other unique alpine trees of Tasmania.

Fagus at Lake Fenton – taken with the 100mm macro.

Lake Fenton is a little more than half way up the unsealed road from the visitor centre to Lake Dobson. Lake Dobson is where the alpine walks start from, including the popular Tarn Shelf walk.

Lake Fenton Fagus – Short walk off the main road to Lake Dobson at Mt Field


The last of this years fagus leaves catch a little bit of cold autumn sunshine

Anyone familiar with hunting the fagus will know the red leaves are the prize. I could only find a very small number of red leaves this time.

Red fagus leaves at Lake Fenton


Close up 🙂

As usual I spent most of my time with the macro lens on, but I also tried a couple of wide angle shots, for interest. My idea was to try and capture the sense of being totally surrounded and immersed in the autumn yellows. The effect has some potential, more work to be done however methinks 🙂

Wide angle (15mm) shot of a fagus tree


Fagus tree in autumn at Mt Field

A stunning time of year. Head to Mt Field shortly if you can, I would expect the colour to last another week or so, it all depends really on when the next strong winds and rain come…

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