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North East Tasmania Spring Fungi

Some spring fungi finds up at St Columba falls and Weldborough in north east Tasmania.

Tasmanian fungi Hygrocybe graminicolor St Columba Falls

Delightful green fungi – Hygrocybe graminicolor – at the base of a tree fern in the St Columba falls rainforest walk


Hygrocybe cheelii at Weldborough Pass Rainforest in north east Tasmania

Hygrocybe cheelii – very vibrant pink fungi that pops up every spring. This one was at the short Weldborough Pass rainforest walk. Shot at f16 for more depth of field across the cap.


tiny brown fungi st columba falls tasmania

Very small brown fungi hiding in the moss. St Columba Falls rainforest.

Although autumn is peak season on the fungi front, there is generally something to be found most of the year (if you look closely enough!) with spring being a pretty good season to get outdoors and see what you may find.

Tasmanian fungi St Columba Falls

Interesting little clump of mushrooms and cobwebs decorated with raindrops. St Columba Falls rainforest


Faintly pink/rose coloured fungi at St Columba Falls.

Faintly pink/rose coloured fungi at St Columba Falls.


Cordyceps robertsii north east tasmania

Very possibly a pair of Cordyceps robertsii. According to the field guide, this fungi parasitises dead caterpillars!

In addition to the fungi, spring also brings flowers – including Tasmania’s tiny endemic orchids. I didn’t spot much on this recent visit, but I did find one or two little greenhoods – or maroonhoods as the case may very well be.

greenhood orchid st columba falls tasmania

File under “not a fungi” – greenhood orchid.


fallen myrtle beech leaf on a bed of moss

And another in the “not a fungi” category – close up forest detail of a fallen myrtle beech leaf on a bed of moss

Apart from the pink Hygrocybe, I shot the rest at f5, going for the shallow depth of field.

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