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arthur river

Arthur Pieman Conservation Area Orchids

All the orchid photos I have been sharing lately are from the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area in Tasmania’s north west. This area, as its name would suggest, encompasses the land in between the Arthur River in the north to the Pieman River in the south. Most of the region is coastal scrub and buttongrass plains,...Read More

Tasmanian Beard Orchids (Calochilus)

Next I have some, in fact all three, of Tasmania’s beard orchids to share with you. The three types of beard orchid are the pale, the strap and the purple. All three are found around Arthur River in Tasmania’s Tarkine region. Here are a few photos ūüôā  

Tasmanian Orchids – Sun Orchid

Tasmania has a wonderful array of native orchids and last month I joined an Eco Tours Tasmania trip to search for and photograph many species in the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area. I have a great many images to share, and I am starting with some sun orchids, which are known collectively as “Thelymitra”. Photographing the...Read More

Tasmania’s Best 5 Photography Locations: Tarkine

Part 2 of my Top 5 Photographic Locations in Tasmania is the wild lands of the North West, the Tarkine. The word “Tarkine” does for me what few other locations names¬†can – it¬†conjures up an image of somewhere wild and a land¬†as old as time itself yet¬†at the same time new and fresh and waiting...Read More

Tarkine: Rainforest and Waterfalls

The Tarkine¬†is a huge area of ancient landscapes, with great landscape vistas from the¬†Waratah-Corinna, and Corinna-Arthur River roads. These drives¬†rival those of the World Heritage Area near Lake St Clair or the Anthony Road out of Roseberry in terms of¬†the views and¬†experience of¬†a truly timeless and unique landscape. Of course, if you’re willing to get...Read More

Tarkine: Arthur River and the Edge of the World

The Tarkine is a very large¬†wilderness¬†area in north west Tasmania, covering the land between the Arthur River in the north, the Pieman River in the south, and the Murchison Highway which connects Burnie to Waratah & Corinna.¬†The region is¬†known for sweeping landscapes over¬†Australia’s largest stretch of continuous rainforest, as well as tall eucalypt forest, buttongrass...Read More