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snug falls tasmania

Tasmanian Short Walks: Snug Falls

Waterfalls look their best in winter! Snug Falls is a really great Tasmanian short walk, being a fairly easy 20 minute walk to a very rewarding waterfall. The falls are quitre high, and a great sight with lots of water on them.

Tasmanian short walks - Snug Falls, near Hobart

Tasmanian short walks – Snug Falls, near Hobart

I have visited these falls multiple times and this time my eye was drawn just as much to the foam and bubbles fringing the pool in front of the waterfalls as the waterfall itself. I spent a lot of time lining up bubble patterns with the waterfall almost just a background element! Not my usual approach to shooting waterfalls but I think I came away with a couple of nice ones 🙂

Foam and bubbles at Snug Falls

Foam and bubbles at Snug Falls


Foam and bubbles at Snug Falls

This one is my personal favourite from the day

Just to be comprehensive, I took a couple of non foam and bubble shots too. There really was a great amount of water and the day was nice and overcast so I was in no hurry – the best way to take photos!

Snug Falls in all its glory

Snug Falls in all its glory


Snug Falls Tasmania

Rocks in the foreground are always good!

The walk in is downhill the whole way meaning the walk out is all … uphill. It’s not too strenous by any means but a great way to break up the walk is to look for fungi. This trip was back in June and there was still plenty about. I stopped to photograph a few of the most interesting ones.

Tasmanian fungi at Snug Falls

Really nice little orange fungi in a bed of moss


Tasmanian fungi on the track to Snug Falls

Interesting little group of orange fungi on the track


Purple mushroom Snug

Purple one, bit tough to get a great shot of this particular one but you never walk past a purple mushroom!

Definitely a highly recommended Tasmanian short walk, and well worth the effort – especially during the wet months. Make sure you check it out!

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