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Aurora Chasing Hints from the Jetstar Magazine

Aurora Chasing Hints from the Jetstar Magazine

Wednesday October 24, 2018

A friend saw a familiar name in an aurora chasing hints article in the current edition of the Jetstar magazine and was good enough to snaffle me a copy!

jetstar magazine aurora chasing article

A short Q & A interview in the Jetstar mag re chasing the aurora.

As well as camera setting type questions, it was great they included my comments re checking out locations during daylight hours rather than arriving in unfamiliar locations after dark; and also the importance of night photography etiquette – it is very important to watch where you point your head-torch and respect your fellow photographers/aurora chasers while out at night!

The article was a few pages of travel and aurora chasing hints, culminating with some words of wisdom from yours truly ;)

October 2018 jetstar magazine

The October 2018 Jetstar magazine

Make sure you look it over on your way down to Tassie!

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