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Photographing the Night Sky: High ISO & the Pentax K5

Saturday night in Hobart was one of the clearest skies I’ve seen in a long time – and I’ve been keeping an eye out lately¬†ūüôā¬†so I packed the thermals & down jacket and headed for the top of Mt Wellington, where¬†the temperature hovered between 0 & 1 degree (-6 with wind chill apparently!). The Milky...Read More

Sea & Sky: Dusk on Hobart’s South Arm

Ah Tasmania, green skies one night, pink skies the next. A series of shots from Mortimer Bay & Lauderdale. Late winter produced a lot of dreary, grey evenings void of the spectacular colour that makes sunset photography so exciting. Early spring has already brought some stellar weather to Tasmania with clear skies and vibrant sunsets,...Read More

Aurora Australis in Tasmania

On the night of September 3 2012 we were treated to a mesmerizing display of the aurora australis in Tasmania, the southern lights. The aurora was low on the southern horizon, dancing just below the familiar stars of the Southern Cross Рwhich puts a nice Southern Hemisphere stamp on this event which is far more commonly...Read More

Styx Valley: Photographing Tasmania’s Wild Forests

For an out of the way location,¬†the Styx Valley is surprisingly accesible, and full of wonderful photographic reward. The area is known for it’s reserve of giant eucalypts which tower above a lovely rainforest understory which is full of exquisite green moss, gnarled old¬†trees and tiny details that you don’t fully¬†appreciate until you get down...Read More

Mining in the Tarkine – Mt Lindsay Rainforest

A hot topic right now in Tasmania is that of mining in the Tarkine rainforest. One proposal currently awaiting approval would see Mt Lindsay, below, mined for tin. Mt Lindsay lies at the southern end of the Meredith Range and is a relatively low mountain completely covered in rainforest. If the Mt Lindsay mine goes ahead, the...Read More

Russell Falls – Tragedy Strikes!

Tragedy has struck at Russell Falls – a couple of Sassafras trees have fallen right across the front of the viewing platform, meaning budding photographers are going to have to walk that extra little bit further to get nice waterfall shots up at Horseshoe Falls… The falls are full and fast flowing right now, so...Read More

Nitchi Design Timber Frames

The Landscapes Gallery is now proudly stocking the wonderful Tasmanian Timber frames from Nitchi Design! We are currently stocking Myrtle, Sassafras, Huon Pine, Leatherwood, Blackwood & Tas Oak and all timbers can be custom ordered, with or without one of my images. You can even drop off one of your own images to be professionally...Read More

Yakushima Japan – Shiratani Unsuikyo

The second day walk we managed to squeeze in between typhoons on Yakushima was the spectacular ravine called Shiratani Unsuikyo.¬†“Shiratani (ÁôĹŤį∑)” translates as “White-Valley” and this name is a reference to the whitish¬†granite boulders strewn throughout the valley. “Unsuikyo (ťõ≤śįīŚ≥°)” translates as cloud & water gorge – and that part is fairly self explanatory upon...Read More

Yakushima Japan – Arakawa Hiking trail to Jomon Sugi

This month I visited a place I have had my eye on for years РYakushima Island, just south of Kyushu in southern Japan. The interior of the island is a mountainous World Heritage listed area complete with wonderful ancient forests full of cedars, monkeys and deer. The island is accessed by air or sea, and we rode the...Read More

Tasmanian Waterfalls: Nelson Falls

Nelson Falls is a perfect spot to break up the long drive through Tasmania’s World Heritage Area¬†on the way to/from¬†Tasmania’s West Coast. The¬†walk is flat, along boardwalk and is no more than 10 minutes each way. The track follows Nelson Creek¬†to a viewing platform right in front of one of the best Tasmanian waterfalls.¬†The creek...Read More

Thank You Hobart – From the Kids of Fukushima

Many of you will remember that last November Midori and I staged an exhibition in Hobart to raise funds for survivors of the North East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis. The response from the people of Hobart was heart warming, and we estimate approximately 1000 people visited the Waterfront Pavillion over the seven days...Read More